"On behalf of KatCanDo I would like to thank you for playing for us at our Summer Event last Saturday. You are a great band living up to your reputation, with a brilliant range of music such that even a reluctant dancer could not resist the urge to get up on the floor. It proved to be a very successful evening both for enjoyment and financially for the charity. "
Kendra Cardy, Chairperson KatCanDo, Sept 2019
"That was absolutely brilliant, my fiance has already decided you're playing at our wedding. Just the kind of thing we want!"
Guest at Sarita and Adam's wedding (Aug 2019)
"...and your bassist - he's the king isn't he?"
Guest at Sarita and Adam's wedding (Aug 2019) Oh, ok, if you insist: Paul. I told him you were miming, LOL: Doug
"That was f*%ng brilliant!!"
Hot girl, after Dakota, Sarita and Adam's wedding (Aug 2019)
"Most bands have a "house" style and everything gets played in that way. You guys are just astounding - we didn't know what was coming next. Your variety and range of material is amazing and you played it all so effortlessly. Brilliant evening!"
Nice bloke at bar after gig at Sarita and Adam's wedding (Sept 2019)
"My word, this band is tight."
Overheard at the bar. The William Garland (Aug 2019)
"To Paul, our bass player: You have some serious chops. Fantastic night! (So: I'm either a better bass player or I'm fatter in the face than I thought, P)"
Bass-playing barmaid. The William Garland (Aug 2019)
"That was the most eclectic mix of music we've ever heard from one band. We didn't know what was coming next. We were trying to guess; after AC/DC and Led Zeppelin we thought: 'Deep Purple?', 'Motorhead?' and you hit us with ABBA! Hilarious and brilliant."
Kind gentelman, The Nightiingale, Sutton (Aug 2019)
"I'm sooo glad I came to see you tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed myself."
John (member of an excellent local band). The Nightingale (Aug 2019)
"Your bassist is brilliant! Six strings and, unlike most plodding bassist we see, he knows how to use all of them."
Badly misguided fellah, LOL. The Nightingale (Aug 2019)
"Please, please, please can you play Solsbury Hill again for the folk who missed it earlier?"
Corrine, Landlady, The Nightingale, Sutton, Aug 2019
"For a three-piece band you guys have a huge, I don't just mean loud, but a massive sound. You sound more like a five-piece band! How do you do that? Amazing."
Local muso. The Nightingale (Aug 2019)
"I visit a lot of local music venues and you're lucky to get two 45-minute or maybe one hour long sets. You guys were more than and hour and a half into your first set and still no let-up in the fantastic level of energy."
Bob "Mac" McDonnell (Ridge Radio). The Nightingale (Aug 2019)
"Many thanks to Kevin, Paul and yourself (Doug) for joining us on Saturday and completing an excellent line-up from start to finish. A great time was had by all and a little over £2,700 was raised for St. Catherine's Hospice."
Dave Grout. Organiser, Queen's Head, Barns Green, Aug 2019
"What a night! You guys were simply astonishing!"
Simon, Landlord The William Garland, July 2018
"Brilliant night!. SKP are definitely coming back."
Corrine, Landlady, The Nightingale, Sutton. January 2019
"Absolutely stonking night guys!"
Lesley K (July 2018)
"We've come from Redhill to see you, and were very happy we did......the band's energy is astonishing!"
Two grey-haired musos (The William Garland, July 2018)
"Thanks Doug, Everyone had a fantastic time. They all loved your sets, the diversity of the numbers and the delivery was spot on. Many thanks to you all, From all of us."
Steve Brown, Best Man (Aug 2015)
"It was a fab night and the floor was packed - everyone dancing! The new song: Dire Straits' Romeo and Juliet was a really good rendition. The Pub is lovely and can't wait to go back. It was a great night, Thanks Kev Gibbons and the Band."
Sandra (The William Garland, July 2018)
"You are one fabulous group! That was just sensational - I haven't heard a pub band as good of you guys for ... well ... ever. Really, that was brilliant - you even snuck in some ELP!"
Peter (July 2018)
"I know this goes without saying, but I'm jolly well going to say it anyway Saturday night's performance was outstanding. You got the crowd just right and it was superb to see everyone dancing right through to the end. I've seen quite a few SKP gigs, and this was the best yet as far as I'm concerned! There's no other band I even considered. Thanks chaps. Tom, Sarah, the whole Sandhurst officers' mess, and their guests are very very grateful."
Tom, Sandhurst Officers Mess
"Thanks SKP, we really enjoyed the music and atmosphere. Everyone enjoyed the music.... hope they book you again soon.... "
Nicole C. (The William Garland, July 2018)
"I saw the Foo Fighters recently and you do Learning to Fly better than them!"
Bloke (The William Garland, July 2018) - Wow! Really?!
"You guys do the best version of Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll that I've ever heard - and I've heard a few!"
Peter, Landlord of The Garland Redhill, Oct 2016
"Just a small email to say a BIG thank you to the band for being "instrumental" in the success of Pip's surprise birthday party. You filled the dance floor with ease and had something for everyone in the set list. Clearly a lot of thought had gone into it and I am truly grateful to you guys - it would not have been the same without you. The Birthday Girl had a party she will never forget!"
John T. Birthday Garden Party, Normandy April 2016
"Brilliant group, thank you for taking me to see them, had an amazing night xxx"
Vanessa E (Facebook posting to her friend, July 2018)
"I've seen many bands, and you are THE best band I have ever seen!"
Slightly drunk friend of Kev. (The William Garland, July 2018)
"I know it's "only" a pub gig and I know it's "only" Nutfield, but none of the other bands touch your performances in there. In fact, our small gathering of Nutfield gentlemen ONLY visit that pub when SKP are playing now. Otherwise our Friday trips are London or The Forum in Tunbridge Wells for music or real ale and beards in The Garlands. Why people would rather stay in and watch X-Factor is just beyond me."
Nick, Nutfield
"... and a cracking gig it was!"
Guy S (July 2018)
"Thank you SKP for an eve of fab music is this going to be a regular thing??"
Haidee Roche (The William Garland, July 2018) - Yes Haidee it is!
"We would all like to thank SKP for providing a wonderful musical contribution to what was a magical day. We had so many comments from people who attended the evening session saying how much they enjoyed the music you played. We were amazed at the breadth of your musical repertoire, and the quality with which you played the numbers Jess and Aaron requested."
Stephen (father of the bride), Farnham
"It's virtually impossible not to get up and dance by the end of the night."
Rachel Fones, Reporter: The Croydon Advertiser
"Just want send you and the other guys a very big thank you for making our charity party such a brilliant one, everyone mentioned to me how good you were and they weren't wrong.... I know a few mentioned to me that they would use you in the future so have passed your details on to them :-) Thank you so so much for a fab night, we managed to raise £467 for our charity which is brilliant."
Sarah, Aldershot
"I came to a friends party back in July last year at The Tunnel House, Cirencester and thoroughly enjoyed the music it was a great night! Most of our friends that came including ourselves were first time had never heard you guys play before and we all thought you were brilliant!"
Rachael, around and about the Tunnel House, Coates, nr. Cirencester
"You were amazing.........you get better every year. Everyone was raving all day sunday about you guys.........thanks so much.........will get a date to you ASAP for next year and pray you can come. If it's any consolation its takes us all week to recover!!!!!!!!!! THANKS SOOOO MUCH XXXXXXXXXXXXX!"
Mary & all, around and about the Tunnel House, Coates, nr. Cirencester
"What can I say..OUTSTANDING! What a night, wouldn't have been half as good without these boys! If anyone is thinking of hiring SKP- DO IT NOW, they are fantastic. Recommended to anyone, We're already planning the next party! TOP CLASS lads, see ya soon!"
Dannie, Nutfield
"Before the gig (to Paul): "With a fancy bass like that you'd better be good. So, impress me - I'm a bass player too.". In the interval: "OK, I'm impressed: you guys are really good!" "
Exceedingly attractive lady. The Lion Brewery, Ash (July 2015)
"Thank you all so much for putting on a great show on Saturday evening - I have to say that after the bad weather on the Friday and Sat morning you set my mind at ease, arriving promptly and calmly setting up, and then delivering a storming set. Everyone ( and there were over 130 people) said 'the band were excellent'. You made it a truly memorable party and I can't thank you enough. Not only that you played well into the morning. I will gladly recommend you to anyone who wants a band that will really deliver!!"
Ally, Normandy
"I wish half the CDs I get every week from major record companies had one tenth the musicality of this band."
Johnny Black, Mojo magazine
"We chose SKP to headline our all day music event because we knew they would get people moving."
Alan, Ruskin House charity event organiser
"Absolutely amazing - is there anything you can't play?"
Thoroughly decent girl, The Old Surrey Hounds, Caterham
"I just want to say that SKP were just amazing. We didn't expect to stay all evening but we did and we had an absolutely fantastic time!"
Jez Heath, Old Surrey Hounds (Mar 2015)
"Thanks for using our studio and having heard the album I think it sounds great!"
Sara, Tweeters Studio, Leatherhead
"Thank YOU ALL for a great night - the best yet! Lots of fun and great music! Still can't believe the Donna Summer segue!"
Bill and Marilyn, Caterham
"Thanks for such a great night on Saturday. One way to lose a stone and love every minute! Neck slightly sore from all the head banging. Roll on next year!"
Caroline. The Lion Brewery, Ash
"You guys really rocked the joint! We had a great time."
Steve Jarman, Old Surrey Hounds (May 2015)
"Hi Doug, Just wanted to email to thank-you for playing at our wedding. Everyone loved the band, and you had the dance floor full the whole night. Exactly what we wanted! My brother who is a huge music fan, in a band himself, and played all our ceremony music on his electric guitar, hasn't stopped raving about how good you were. We can't thank you enough, you really made the evening."
Karen and Tim
"Superb last night! Great guitar work. Really enjoyable. Hope you return next year. Anything else in Wiltshire this year?"
Steve (re Melksham Party in the Park)
"Thank you so much for a great evening last night at Maidens Barn. The addition of Time Warp in your repertoire was the icing on the cake. The only complaint about the whole evening was that the music had to stop at midnight. Everyone is saying it was the best May Ball yet and I tend to agree with them."
Judith (Friends of Rodings School)
"Hi Doug, Kevin and Nick I would just like to say how once again you have put on a great performance that was being talked about even by hotel staff on the Saturday. I would like to thank all three of you for being as usual three great guys who I would recommend to perform for any kind of occasion. I have to make a special mention to Nick for performing the first wedding song "You Do Something For Me" by Paul Weller, I felt that this was something special and to do that from cold was I thought quite something, so a special thank you to him. Hope to see you all again soon"
Kelvin & Val
"As soon a I heard them start playing I knew I'd made the right decision."
Paul, after booking SKP for his wedding
"We love having SKP play here. It's always such good fun!"
Lorna, The Sussex Arms
"What amazed me was the sheer variety of music SKP play. A real breath of fresh air!"
Lel, The Lion Brewery, Ash
"How on earth do they play and sing like that? The bass player Rocks!"
A very pretty girl, The Robin Hood, Guildford
"Just wanted to say thank you for a great evening, I have had so many lovely comments about the band, no one could believe that you got all the chaps dancing."
Clare, School Event Organiser, Gt Dunmow
"I wanted to thank you all again for the great music and musicianship of your band...I have had quite a few comments following John's surprise birthday party last Sunday, you went down very well!"
Jan, Godstone
"Well done lads - you've made a lot of friends here!"
Mark, Uckfield Rugby Club
"We thought SKP were brilliant at our wedding; many of our guests gave great feedback on the band; you certainly made the evening go brilliantly. Thanks to Doug, Nick and Kev."
Glen and Yazz
"Doug so many of us think you get better every year..........thank you it was awesome! Thanks again and will get a date organised ASAP for next year."
Mary & Spragg xxxxxxxxxx. P.S. The Tunnel House asked for your number....
"Hi lads, Just a quick not to say how much we enjoyed your gig at The Station Hotel last night. We were the 2 couples just in front of speakers and lead guitar. Rock music is not really my Lady's favorite music to be fair, but with your range of songs she had a real good time. I especially enjoyed Led Zeps Rock & Roll. It was a brilliant cover you did that night. We try to get out and see some live music when we can, and you are up there with the best i seen around Redhill pubs."
Mike, Big Al, Gilly and Jan